Procedure for Order  

→ Please use JPEG, TIFF, PDF File.
→Your Photo must very clear when it is 1:1 ratio, all wording needed to create outline. (Pictures download form internet are not recommended due to low resolution)
→ All files have to be save in eps format. Open with photoshop in 1:1 ratio, resolution of the file should be between 150-300dpi. Please choose CMYK color.
→Make sure your design is clear at 100% view in actual pixels, then save into TIFF or JPEG format.

→ Please choose CMYK color as design color, do NOT use RGB color. (Our company will not be responsible for the color mistake if using other than CMYK color )

→ Support Software :Illutrator, Photoshop, Freehand, CorelDraw
→ Please create all wording to outline
→ File is in 1:1 ratio
→Please set resolution to 300dpi. Please use TIFF, JPEG file format
→Please delete unrelated CD or FTP files to avoid unnecessary conflicts & misunderstanding

Price Calculator


We have list down all the available Paper type which are using for printing purpose. please select the paper type accroding to your requirement 1. single 2. double

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