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Cup sleeves are roughly cylindrical sleeves that fit tightly over handleless paper or plastic cups. These cup sleeves can insulate the drinker’s hand from hot drinks or protect the drinker’s hand from getting wet or cold from cold beverages. The custom-printed cup sleeves are made with high-quality materials, with matt lamination finishing, and comes with an adjustable slot to fit various cup sizes. From as low as RM0.57 per piece, easily print your logo or brand details on the cup sleeve to deliver your marketing or promotional campaign message with AE Print Malaysia. 

Cup Sleeve

Cup Sleeve
Low cost solution for Branding. Deliver your marketing or event message on customized cup sleeve

Sarung / Pembalut Cawan
Pilihan terbaik untuk penjenamaan bagi pengusaha makanan atau minuman. Kini anda tidak perlu lagi membuat tempahan cetakan pada cawan yang memerlukan tempahan dalam kuantiti yang besar. Hanya cetak pada pembalut dan tidak perlu lagi risau tentang kos penjenamaan.

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