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Commercial label stickers are suitable to stick on medium size stationery items, homemade product labels, water bottles or business usage. It is also the best-selling sticker for name sicker, for students to use on bottles, books, bags, etc. The commercial label stickers are available in white, transparent, rainbow, silver and gold backgrounds with black colour imprints. From as low as RM0.05 per piece, you can create a commercial label or name sticker easily at AE Print Malaysia. 

Background colour: White, Transparent, Rainbow,Silver and Gold

Imprint Colour: Black

Additional Charges RM5 for Blue, Red ,Green,White

Additional Charges RM10 for Silver and Gold

All different sizes come with different quantity stickers. You can choose how many packs you need by referring to the chart below based on the sticker size.

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
CS0922 (9x22mm) 400pcs11---
CS1030 (10x30mm) 300pcs11---
CS1047 (10x47mm) 200pcs11---
CS1525 (15x25mm) 300pcs11---
CS1530 (15x30mm) 240pcs11---
CS1547 (15x47mm) 160pcs11---
CS1840 (18x40mm) 150pcs11---
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Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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