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Please make sure that all text sizes no smaller than 8pt. All of the finished goods may not be 100% in actual size some of them will be differences in 0.5 inches - 2 inches due to the different types of finishing and size of the material. Stick on a smooth surface only. Dark colours artwork might cause the sticker edges to lift off, we suggest customers to add a light colour frame to minimize this problem.

Please send the file in Ai CS 6
***Sila pastikan siz font tidak melebihi 8pt. Gambar tidak akan sama 100% seperti dalam gambar dan sesetengah daripada gambar akan ada perbezaan sebanyak 0.5 -2 inci disebabkan oleh jenis permukaannya yang berbeza.
54x89mm50RM 58.00
100RM 100.00
200RM 150.00
300RM 210.00
400RM 300.00
500RM 340.00
75x75mm50RM 58.00
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Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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Total : RM 58.00

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